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Arken Age Promises A Sci-Fi Fantasy Adventure Next Year On PSVR 2 & SteamVR

Arken Age screenshot

Arken Age promises physics-based combat in a VR sci-fi fantasy world, and it's coming next year on PSVR 2 and PC VR.

Developed by VitruviusVR, Arken Age is a single-player adventure from the studio behind Shadow Legend and Mervils. It's set in the Bio-Chasm, a terraformed world created by the Grand Arborist for harvesting energy. Playing a biological alien weapon, you must investigate the Grand Arborist's disappearance, working with the Nara race and fighting the usurper, Hyperion.

Featuring 25 explorable areas, crafting and boss fights, Arken Age puts a heavy focus on combat. Starting with three ranged and melee weapons, there's 30 weapon mods for customization. The 'Hyperion God Axe' provides a throwing axe that can be recalled at will, 'Tempered Cutter' is a saw blade that dismembers enemy limbs, while 'Astral Ballista' offers a powerful, chargeable bow.

While the studio says Arken Age will be a ten-hour campaign, there's also an "endless combat mode" designed for replayability. "With the addition of the Reinforcements Console, you can infinitely deploy Hyperion squadrons to the Bio-Chasm," confirms VitruviusVR in a press release.

Arken Age targets a Q1 2024 release window on PSVR 2, Rift and Steam.

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