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Here's What Arizona Sunshine 2 Will Look Like On Quest 2

Here's What Arizona Sunshine 2 Will Look Like On Quest 2

A new gameplay trailer from Vertigo Games gives a good indication of the visual fidelity players can expect with Arizona Sunshine 2 on Quest 2.

Announced back in May, Arizona Sunshine 2 is the sequel to one of VR's most notable early releases. Coming to PSVR 2, PC VR and Quest, a new gameplay trailer (embedded below) features footage entirely captured on Quest 2.

Alongside previous footage, you can clearly notice the visual downgrades when comparing directly, however the Quest version still looks impressive nonetheless.

Even more interesting is that the trailer notes gameplay was captured on Quest 2 – not Quest 3. Vertigo Games previously announced that Quest 3 players will benefit from an increase in resolution over Quest 2 on release date, but further enhancements won't arrive until later. Scheduled for later in December, a post-launch update will add real-time shadows on dynamic objects on Quest 3, according to Vertigo.

There's been increasingly more Arizona Sunshine 2 gameplay reveals over the last few weeks as we get closer to the December 7 launch. The Quest footage follows on from a gameplay showcase just over a week ago, embedded above, which gave players a new extended look.

Vertigo shows ways to use your new canine companion, Buddy, who can help attack zombies or solve environmental puzzles, as well as the new realistic weapon reloading and melee options.

Arizona Sunshine 2 will also feature full cross-platform multiplayer, with support for a two-player co-op campaign mode and an endless 2-4 player Horde mode, with additional horde maps arriving post-launch. It launches December 7 for PSVR 2, PC VR and Meta Quest headsets.

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