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GDC 2018: Google Highlights New ARCore Apps Including Tamagotchi And eBay

GDC 2018: Google Highlights New ARCore Apps Including Tamagotchi And eBay

Google is highlighting the creativity of its AR developer community during the Game Developer Conference and showcasing some of the apps developers are launching for its ARCore system.

The AR features now work on more than a dozen different smartphone models totaling more than 100 million devices.

Here are some of the AR apps launching on Android:

My Tamagotchi Forever

From Bandai Namco, My Tamagotchi Forever will let you raise the famous characters while also building a virtual town “you can also play with in the real world.”


From Tender Claws, TendAR is “a virtual fish that responds to users’ facial expressions, and survives by ‘eating’ other people’s emotions.” The game uses Google’s Cloud API for computer vision and object recognition. TendAR should arrive in July.

Walking Dead Our World

This location-based AR game will give you a window into the zombie apocalypse. “The goal of the player is to defend their surroundings by fighting walkers in real-life environments” using the Google Maps API and ARCore. There’s pre-registration now ahead of its Q2 launch.

Pottery Barn 360 Room View

In what is quickly becoming a necessary feature of any shopping app, this Pottery Barn app will let you view furniture in your room and change both its color and fabric. 


eBay’s AR apps aims to let you see what size box you need to ship a product.

Just A Line (Experiment)

Google is also open-sourcing the code to an experimental app called Just A Line that lets you make drawings in AR.

Check it out here:

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