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Manage A Classic Games Arcade With Arcade Legend For Quest, PC VR In 2022

Manage A Classic Games Arcade With Arcade Legend For Quest, PC VR In 2022

Arcade Legend releases in 2022 for Oculus Quest and PC VR, presenting a pretty compelling concept that sees you build your own arcade from scratch, using licensed arcade games, which you can then play by yourself or with friends.

As you can see in the trailer above, the game looks to mix gameplay elements from several games into something new for VR. It has elements of a tycoon/sim management game, a touch of The Sims and then a big sprinkle of the emerging and increasingly popular social magic of VR.

arcade legend oculus quest pc vr

Providing players with a framework and campaign to build a unique arcade space with licensed games is interesting enough in itself, but being able to actually use the space like a real arcade, playing games and hanging out with friends, is a really unique angle.

arcade legend quest pc vr

Here’s a more detailed description from the developers LAI Games:

Inside Arcade Legend, an arcade builder and gameplay simulator, you’ve inherited a mysterious old arcade which was once a legendary entertainment destination … Restore and customize your arcade using a wide range of materials, then fill it with officially licensed arcade games to earn revenue and build Reputation, which unlocks new attractions that you can play solo or with friends.

Casual, competitive, and always social, you can chill out with friends, go head-to-head on global leaderboards against the best players in the world, or open your doors to the public to show off what you’ve built.

It sounds like a properly unique and different experience that merges gameplay structure with the social opportunities of apps like BigScreen, VRChat and Facebook Horizon.

arcade legend quest pc vr

There’s no word on the exact full roster of licensed arcade games yet, but you can catch a few classics shown in the trailer.

Arcade Legend will release in 2022 for Oculus Quest and PC VR via Steam.

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