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Apple Starts Accepting Applications For Vision Pro Developer Kits

Apple Starts Accepting Applications For Vision Pro Developer Kits

Apple will start loaning Vision Pro kits to approved developers.

Developers need to submit an application, agree to terms and have an Apple developer account in order to be considered.

"Applications will be reviewed and priority will be given to applicants creating an app that takes advantage of visionOS features and capabilities," according to Apple's developer site.

Devs need to detail the development skills of their team and existing apps. Successful applicants will get help setting up the device as well as "check-ins with Apple experts for UI design and development guidance, and help refining your app."

The device needs to be returned upon request. Notably, a terms document on Apple's website outlines the secrecy rules for those who receive the developer kits:

"You agree that all access to, usage of, and storage use of the DK will be in a private, secure workspace accessible only by You and Your Authorized Developers (e.g., fully enclosed with solid doors, floors, walls and ceiling, and locks that can be engaged when the DK is in use). You must ensure that unauthorized persons (including any family, friends, roommates or household employees) do not access, view, handle, or use the DK. When in use, the DK should be in your positive control (on your person or within Your direct line of sight) at all times. You must ensure the DK is passcode protected. Never leave the DK unattended. When not in use, turn off the DK and store it in its locked Pelican case in a locked space that only You have access to (e.g., a locked room or closet, a safe or locked drawer). The DK may not be moved from or taken away from its ship-to address by You or Your Authorized Developers without Apple's prior written consent. If You will be away from Your workspace for more than 10 days, consult with Your Apple point of contact about how to keep the DK safe while You are away. You agree to restrict access to the DK to You and Your Authorized Developers, and to take all reasonable precautions to safeguard the DK from loss or theft."

Back during the June announcement, Apple said it would open developer kit applications and offer compatibility evaluations as well developer labs to help approved developers on the path to release on Vision Pro. A few weeks later, Apple released the software development kit with a Mac-based simulator devs could use to begin work for the headset without hardware in hand to test it on.

Apple Vision Pro releases in early 2024 for $3500.

Update: Post updated July 25 with details from Apple outlining rules for using and storing the Vision Pro dev kit.

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