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Smash Drums Demo Adding More Songs Soon

Smash Drums Demo Adding More Songs Soon

Rocking rhythm game Smash Drums will add two more songs to its demo on Oculus Quest soon.

You can grab the demo for the drumming game on App Lab with the developer planning to add two new songs to the demo soon. An ongoing community challenge will unlock the additional songs once enough people play it.

The developer plans to eventually release Smash Drums as a fully paid game with 21 songs — with plans even beyond that — but for now it is still in active development as the core elements are fleshed out. The demo released last year on SideQuest with a pretty compelling look at what could evolve into a full drumming game, and it was one of the first apps released on App Lab in February. The tutorial part of the game is also expanded (now called the Academy) to teach players how the drumming actually works. The look of the drums have changed as well, though the original skins will eventually be unlockable in the full game. There’s a Discord for the game if you want to participate in the community.

We’re excited to see what becomes of Smash Drums in the coming months. There are obviously a lot of rhythm games out there but the feeling of really rocking out in the demo is pretty memorable and there’s a lot the developer could do to expand on that idea.

Have you checked out Smash Drums yet? Let us know what you think of it in the comments.

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