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Quest's App Lab Now Supports DLC And In-App Payments

Quest's App Lab Now Supports DLC And In-App Payments

Quest App Lab developers can now integrate in-app payments and DLC.

App Lab launched in February. It’s an unlisted official distribution system, letting developers upload apps to the Oculus platform and share them directly with users via a URL or key without going through the lengthy store curation process. App Lab still requires basic approval from Facebook, but the process is much shorter than for the store. Apps should be approved as long as they adhere to the Oculus Content Guidelines & Meta’s Data Use Policy.

Tapping an app lab URL opens the apps’s listing in the Oculus smartphone app where the user can purchase or install it on their Quest. These apps don’t show up in the main Oculus Store, but once redeemed show up in your VR library and support automatic updates as well as platform features like achievements & leaderboards.

Until now, App Lab apps haven’t been able to add DLC or integrate in-app payments – both of which full store apps can already do. But as of today they now can use both.

You can view Meta’s documentation on DLC & IAP here.

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