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Another Fisherman's Tale Coming From Innerspace & Vertigo

Another Fisherman's Tale Coming From Innerspace & Vertigo

A Fisherman’s Tale released in 2019 with “best-in-class” puzzle design as it achieved a “perfect storm of gameplay, immersion and narrative.”

Our review’s biggest critique was that the game developed by Innerspace VR was too short, even as it was nominated for multiple game of the year awards. Over four years later, Another Fisherman’s Tale will continue the story as it promises “a new adventure, coming soon to all major VR platforms,” according to an announcement prepared by Vertigo Games.

The trailer below teases the 5-6 hour adventure:

Another Fisherman’s Tale should launch this year on PSVR 2, Meta Quest 2, and PC VR platforms. Here’s a description from the team behind the game:

“Another Fisherman’s Tale continues the story of Bob the Fisherman, crafting a magical and moving narrative about the meaning we create in life by building and rebuilding our authentic selves. Developed from the ground-up to maximize the capabilities of modern VR tech, Another Fisherman’s Tale introduces a set of all-new core mechanics: this time, the player’s own body is the primary puzzle to be solved, creating unconventional gameplay based on dismantling and rebuilding their in-game form.

Gameplay examples teased by the developers include detaching your limbs and hands to control them remotely, or replacing limbs with objects like pirate hook hands to climb up walls, or controlling the environment with puppeteering. Players will be “Nina, the daughter of the original game’s protagonist, as she discovers models, notes and photographs that document her father’s mysterious past, as well as her own childhood. Recollecting Bob’s grandiose stories of pirates, sunken ships, treasures and mystical locations, Nina begins re-enacting his adventures and dives head-first into an imaginative world of memory and fantasy.”

We’re extremely curious to learn more about Another Fisherman’s Tale as Creative Director Balthazar Auxietre’s work at Innerspace has been some of VR’s most captivating. As far as Vertigo, the developer and publisher is teasing five more unannounced games to reveal at some point with four of them slated for release in 2023. 

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