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ANNEX Launches Kickstarter Campaign For PC VR Action-RPG Roguelike

Annex PC VR key art

ANNEX brings a new action-RPG roguelike to PC VR next year, and it's just launched a Kickstarter campaign.

Developed by Dominik "Sora" Wenzel, ANNEX sees you play as Koko, a young AI trapped inside a forsaken computer. After awakening for the first time, you set out to explore this strange digital environment and survive encounters with the local residents, the Destroware. It's a fight for survival as you investigate this realm's mysteries and each region is procedurally generated. Here's the full trailer:

Detailed further on the Kickstarter page, ANNEX uses an upgradeable tactical combat system in which you "gain a positional advantage by using cover and take the high ground for increased range. Shoot down enemy projectiles to escape the bullet hell," says Sora.

It also uses a skill-tree system that's described as built around "an entire theme" instead of individual items or abilities. "The Spike-EVO for example might give you the ability to place spiky traps or surround yourself with a reflecting shield, while the Music-EVO could potentially turn your run into a rhythm game experience," states the developer.

Currently at $1,500 funding, Sora seeks $40,000 in funding with stretch goals including additional regions, more playable characters and multiplayer support. Like any Kickstarter campaign, we recommend caution before pledging your money. Kickstarter is not a preorder system, and there’s no guarantee you’ll get what you pledged.

ANNEX currently targets a December 2024 release, arriving on PC VR and flatscreen PCs.

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