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AndroidVR Accidentally Revealed By Epic Games?

AndroidVR Accidentally Revealed By Epic Games?

One of the main toolsets used to create VR experiences may have revealed the existence of “AndroidVR” ahead of the 2016 Google I/O conference next week.

Epic Games makes Unreal Engine, one of the leading toolsets used by VR developers, and the preview notes for the latest update to the software apparently noted “changes in support of AndroidVR plugin” before being changed. Afterward, it read “modifications to Android OnCreate delegates.”

UploadVR did not see the original text, but we’re reporting it because posts and comments on multiple websites, as well as a time-stamped edit to the original page, indicate it was there. Unreal’s support of Google Cardboard has been lacking so far but this reveal indicates that’s likely to change in a substantial way.

How exactly Google chooses to evolve Cardboard and adapt its Android platform to support VR is one of the most important questions facing the emerging industry. For instance, Google releasing an update for Android that breaks functionality necessary for the Gear VR to work could cause a lot of headaches for Oculus and its customers.

Google is likely to release new tools and technologies next week that will push the VR industry forward overall and we can’t wait to see what “AndroidVR” turns out to be.

We’ll be at Google I/O reporting live, so check back next week.

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