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Among Us VR Releases November 10 For Quest 2, PC VR

Among Us VR Releases November 10 For Quest 2, PC VR

Among Us VR releases November 10 for Quest 2 and PC VR, confirmed today during Meta’s Connect presentation alongside a new trailer, embedded below.

The game will support 8-10 players (with cross-platform play) and launch for $9.99 next month, however it’s available to pre-order now on the Quest store. Those who pre-order will receive a bonus ‘Mini Crewmate hat’, which will unlock on release and can be used to customize your in-game avatar.

Announced in December 2021, Among Us VR is a VR adaptation of the incredibly popular multiplayer game available on several flatscreen platforms. This release is a full 3D conversion made for VR that features the same premise as the original, with several players competing in a virtual whodunnit as crewmates on a spaceship. Each member has to complete tasks around the ship, with one player operating as an imposter who has to kill the other players without attracting attention. Crewmates can report dead bodies and collectively discuss which player they think is the imposter.

Schell Games is handling this new VR version of the game, in collaboration with Robot Teddy and Innersloth, the developers of the original game. While Schell Games confirmed the release date for Quest 2 and PC VR today, the studio previously said that a PSVR 2 release would arrive “when the headset is released,” which is now slated for early 2023. A Schell representative told us right now the game is only planned to come to PSVR 2 when it’s available, so original PSVR owners will miss out.

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