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Amazon Prime Video Comes To Oculus Quest And Go With Voice Search

Amazon Prime Video Comes To Oculus Quest And Go With Voice Search

Amazon Prime’s video service is now available on Oculus Quest, Oculus Go and even Gear VR.

The streaming service joins Netflix, YouTube and other services like Showtime, ESPN and Fox Now in bringing streaming video content to the Quest standalone VR headset. The addition of Amazon Prime to Oculus Go and Gear VR will be a welcome surprise as well for owners of those headsets.

The Amazon Prime app includes voice search as well as some 360-degree video content. We hope to see some of these apps add support for offline viewing. Right now we generally suggest the 64 GB Quest headset is enough storage for most people, but that recommendation could change if some of these video apps start to support offline viewing.

Amazon says the service is available to customers in the United States and United Kingdom. Prime members have access to the Prime Video catalog of content, including VR videos, while non-prime members can only watch their personal library in VR.

Amazon lists Invasion! from Baobab, Return to Chernobyl, and Greenland Melting as some of the VR video content available in the app at launch. You can download the Prime Video VR app from the following links for Oculus QuestOculus Go, or Samsung Gear VR.

Bigscreen recently updated its service to support social co-watching of more than 50 TV stations. While Amazon Prime is a single-player experience, the service allows people to add on services like CBS and HBO. This means that between Bigscreen, Amazon Prime, Netflix, and YouTube, Facebook’s VR headsets are now home to some of the best streaming content available on the Internet.

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