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11 Amazing Locations We Can't Wait To Explore In Fallout 4 VR

11 Amazing Locations We Can't Wait To Explore In Fallout 4 VR

Fallout is a game universe with tons of great characters, interesting stories, and badass weapons, but ever since the Bethesda dev team took over with Fallout 3, they’ve injected their signature brand of game design into the series. It’s a style of game creation that encourages exploration and Fallout 4 has some of the most unique, iconic, and interesting places you’ll find in any game. Here are just a few of the ones we can’t wait to see up-close and personal inside a VR headset.

Fallout 4 Libertalia


The harsh world of Fallout is all about adapting. War never changes but that doesn’t mean the people affected by it don’t have to. A big part of Fallout 4 is reconstructing areas and crafting settlements, but one of the most impressive communities that already exists is erected atop the ruins of several boats and ships, in the harbor known as Libertalia. The views across the sea will be a wondrous site in VR.

fallout 4 salem


There’s not much going on here, but boy is it a cool place to visit. For those unaware, Salem was a creepy town where hundreds of women were executed in the 1600s after being accused of witchcraft. Naturally, in the Fallout 4 timeline, there’s a Museum of Witchcraft that you can visit in the town. The music will make the hair on the back of your neck stand up as the creepy vibe permeates all corners of your surroundings.

fallout 4 diamond city

Diamond City

This is the heart of Fallout 4’s Boston Wasteland. It’s a city constructed in and around the ruins of the Fenway Park Stadium overflowing with quests, NPCs, merchants, and more. If you have any ambitions to actually follow the main storyline in Fallout 4, then you’ll spend a lot of time inside Diamond City.

fallout 4 the prydwen

The Prydwen

This Brotherhood of Steel battleship is one of the most impressive sites to behold in Fallout 4. It’s a gloriously armored airship that looks like something ripped right out of a Final Fantasy game, mixed with a modern steampunk outer shell. It’s also got some of the best loot and characters on board, but just watching it fly overhead would be enough to sell the sense of scale in Fallout 4 VR.

fallout 4 uss constitution

U.S.S. Constitution

There are few things in the Fallout series that encapsulate its alternate-history flare better than the U.S.S. Constitution. The ship itself is famous for its war efforts against the British centuries ago and in this universe it’s been updated and enhanced for the future. With some rockets attached it can now lift off and fly away, along with the robotic crew aboard the ship holding some of the most interesting encounters in the game.

fallout 4 cheers bar

The ‘Cheers’ Bar

This series is jam-packed with Easter eggs and one of our favorite locations to go back to in Fallout 4 VR will be this tasteful homage to Cheers, the legendary 11-season spanning sitcom. To no surprise, it looks like Norm never actually left his seat. Familiar places are nice to see, so we can’t wait to go back to where everybody knows our name.

fallout 4 glowing sea

The Glowing Sea

This area in Fallout 4 has some of the most visible results of the horrific events of the Great War’s myriad nuclear detonations. The entire area is so irradiated that it glows with a bright sheen, as if the toxic chemicals still linger in the area decades later. While the term “sea” isn’t literal, it’s still appropriate for this region. When you visit it in Fallout 4 VR, make sure you’re ready to combat heavy radiation levels.

fallout 4 HalluciGen,_Inc.

Hallucigen Inc.

Visually this building is rather unsuspecting and doesn’t look that impressive from the outside, but what’s inside is one of the game’s most memorable locations by far. Everyone inside the facility is infected by a chemical leak causing them to go crazy and attack one another. It’s up to you to get down to the bottom of the problem and it will certainly be one of the most atmospheric areas to explore in Fallout 4 VR.

fallout 4 red rocket Atom_Cats_garage

Red Rocket

The good ol’ Red Rocket. Depending on your preferences, this very well could end up being one of your key bases. It has a ton of gear already set up inside the garage, lots of supplies nearby, and it’s the exact same place that Bethesda’s E3 demo from last year took place. Probably the most iconic location in all of Fallout 4 in terms of marketing familiarity.

fallout 4 fort independence

The Castle at Fort Independence

Before the Great War, this was known as Fort Independence. One of the game’s main storylines involves helping the Minutemen take it back and instituting it as their main base. It’s an elaborate and heavily fortified area that’s worth the trouble of getting to if you’re up for it. Getting there involves some of the most memorable combat moments in the game.

fallout 4 fen street sewer

The Fens Street Sewer

Last, but certainly not least, is the Fens Street Sewer. Everyone knows that some of the best and most memorable VR games to date have been horror games and there are plenty of aspects of Fallout that make it even more frightening than some of the most harrowing horror titles. This dark, decrepit sewer is certainly one of them. Venture forth at your own risk.

Editor’s Note: This article originally published on April 26th, 2017. We’re repromoting it today in preparation for Fallout 4 VR’s release next week.


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