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AltSpaceVR Introduces VR Call Feature for Easily Meeting and Chatting with Friends

AltSpaceVR Introduces VR Call Feature for Easily Meeting and Chatting with Friends

AltSpaceVR is one of the leading social VR companies. Their flagship platform, also known as AltSpaceVR, provides a flexible and open ecosystem across all VR platforms to cross-communicate and socialize. Whether you have a Samsung Gear VR, an Oculus Rift, or an HTC Vive, you can meet up and chat with people across all headsets in virtual space. They recently released an update to the mobile application side of their platform – which lets you browse and join rooms and events from your phone before using the Gear VR – which lets you quickly and easily make a “VR Call” to any of your phone’s contacts.

The great thing about the VR Call feature is that it strips away the annoyance of joining the application, then searching for your friends or trying to find an empty room to meet up in. This way, you can take care of all of that before you enter the app, so once you strap your Gear VR onto your head, you’re already good to go. This also circumvents the need for friend invites in Oculus Social since that functionality doesn’t exist yet.

Essentially, it’s a way to privately invite people to meet you in AltSpaceVR. More flexibility would have been nice, but as thousands upon thousands of people surely start to acquire Gear VRs over time, the limited user base will quickly grow.

According to the update from AltSpaceVR:

Today, we’re excited to share with you our new mobile app featuring VR Call. VR Call is an easy and quick way to be together with anyone in VR. It’s as simple as picking an activity on your phone, inviting your friends, and meeting them in AltspaceVR.

Play disc golf, watch YouTube, explore a maze, and play our newest drawing game with your friends in a private space. It’s the best way to be together when you can’t be together in person.

More information about the VR Call feature and AltSpaceVR in general can be found at their official website. They regularly host events like standup comedy specials and meet and greet with many members from the company and VR industry as a whole that are open to the public to attend.

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