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AltspaceVR Integrates With Slack For Private Meetings In Virtual Reality

AltspaceVR Integrates With Slack For Private Meetings In Virtual Reality

Over the last few weeks the editorial team at UploadVR held a few staff meetings in virtual reality using the new VR Call feature in AlstpaceVR. Most recently, Will Mason was wearing a Rift, I was wearing a Vive and Joe Durbin was wearing a Gear VR and we spoke for at least half an hour in VR as if we occupied the same private room. It worked great.

Now, Altspace is extending the feature to integrate with Slack so teams can easily create one of these meeting rooms and instantly invite colleagues or friends. In case you’re unfamiliar with Slack, it’s a rapidly growing communication service which launched in 2013 that’s being used for internal communications at a variety of companies and teams. If you use Slack, you can integrate it with Altspace now. You need to have Altspace installed to meet up and a Vive, Rift or Gear VR to do it in VR.

Altspace is currently the only social service available across all major VR headsets. With the inclusion of traditional 2D screens, and now this integration with Slack, the Redwood City-based startup is increasingly adding features necessary to make social VR both accessible and useful.

“Probably half of you are on Slack right now,” Altspace CEO Eric Romo said to an audience at the Silicon Valley VR Conference in San Jose.

Within a few minutes of Romo’s announcement UploadVR created its first VR meeting room directly inside Slack. For VR development teams and startups using Slack, this integration seems like it could become a very useful meeting tool.


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