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Low-Fi Spin-Off Tech Demo Agency Launches On Quest Via App Lab

Low-Fi Spin-Off Tech Demo Agency Launches On Quest Via App Lab

Blair Renaud, developer of Technolust and upcoming VR title Low-Fi, announced that a tech demo for the upcoming Low-Fi spin-off, Agency, is now available for Quest via App Lab.

The demo itself is quite short, coming in at around two minutes. You can’t move or interact with anything either — you’re stationary but control two robot arms. Instead, this demo is meant to showcase some of the visual fidelity Renaud and co are pulling off on the standalone headset.

agency quest 2

You cycle through a couple of different environments in the demo — one is a spooky prison lined with robots, another sees you in an alley looking up at a neon-coated cyberpunk city. There’s also a few ambient character models and robots who stand around you or move through the area in certain scenes. Across all the short scenes, the lighting and human models look particularly impressive, especially given it’s running on Quest.

agency quest 2

Here’s a short summary of the game’s premise, taken from the App Lab listing:

You’re the first Metacorp model to receive an experimental firmware update, code named GENE.SYS. While the engineers are discussing the implications of the update, you awaken. You have agency. You must escape this prison, find a way to survive, and take freedom from your makers. You’ll meet friend and foe along the way. Spread the firmware and start a revolution.

When we talked with Renaud in November last year, he said that a pitch for Agency on Quest had been sent to Oculus and been approved. However, the focus is on existing projects for now. “[Agency] still needs funding to justify taking people away from LOW-FI though. Fingers crossed for us!”

Low-Fi is available in Early Access now for PC VR, with plans for a full launch on PC VR and Sony’s new VR headset sometime in the future. Meanwhile, you can try out the Agency tech demo for Quest here.

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