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Survival Horror Sequel 'Affected: The Asylum' Delayed Until Next Year

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Affected: The Asylum is delayed into next year.

Developed by Fallen Planet Studios, Affected: The Asylum is a story-driven adventure set across three acts. A sequel to 2016's Affected: The Manor, it takes us to the abandoned Red Park Asylum where strange occurrences have been spotted. Previously targeting a 2023 launch, it's now coming next year and joins other recent VR horror delays, like MADiSON VR and Phasmophobia.

Here's the official statement:

At Fallen Planet Studios we're on an exciting and challenging journey developing our latest title, AFFECTED: The Asylum. We have recently made the decision to push the release of The Asylum back to next year. We just feel that giving ourselves more time is the best thing we can do for the game, which in turn makes it the best thing we can do for our players.
We are aware we join a list of other VR titles that have also made similar announcements recently, which although can be disappointing for some fans, it highlights how time will always be a studio’s greatest resource in the unending pursuit of making great games.
As a small but growing studio, our commitment to a healthy workplace and supportive culture is paramount, advocating a no-crunch policy and prioritising our team's well-being. This approach directly feeds into our goal of delivering a release-ready title from day one whilst avoiding the pitfalls of rushed development.
We really appreciate your support, patience and understanding. Your enthusiasm fuels our efforts and your anticipation for the next release in the AFFECTED franchise continues to inspire us. We can't wait to bring you more updates next year.

Though the new statement doesn't reveal anything further about The Asylum, Fallen Planet Studios previously outlined what to expect in last year's reveal. That includes “The Assessment,” a four-player competitive multiplayer mode said to test “both physical and mental challenges.” It's also working on “The Escape”, a free DLC that explores Red Park Asylum’s history.

Affected: The Asylum launches for “all major VR platforms” in 2024. Though Fallen Planet Studios hasn't confirmed which headsets that includes, it's worth noting the Reddit post was shared on both r/PSVR and r/OculusQuest.

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