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Adobe Answers Facebook With 'Sidewinder' Volumetric Video Technique

Adobe Answers Facebook With 'Sidewinder' Volumetric Video Technique

Earlier this year Facebook debuted a technique for capturing volumetric content from a 360-degree camera — meaning you can move freely around inside the footage to see the action from different angles.  This week Adobe debuted a project that seems to produce a very similar effect.

The concept is called Project Sidewinder and it was presented on stage during Adobe’s MAX creator’s conference in Las Vegas. The project may or may not become a part of the company’s products. It was presented as one of 11 concepts this week showcasing Adobe’s future-facing efforts to help creators work more efficiently. Another VR-related concept Adobe showed, called SonicScape, looks like it could easily fit into the workflow of people using Adobe’s Premiere video editing software.

The techniques from both Adobe and Facebook look like they are extremely limited, with some stretched and distorted artifacts becoming more and more visible the further you move away from the camera’s actual position. Nonetheless, for small movements in VR the techniques can powerfully enhance a persons’s sense of presence in captured content.

Check it out in the video from MAX as Silicon Valley’s Kumail Nanjiani tests out the feature.

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