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VR Farming Sim Across The Valley Reaches Quest Today

VR Farming Sim Across The Valley Reaches Quest Today

Across the Valley - Portable Edition brings the VR farming sim to Quest App Lab today.

Initially released last year, FusionPlay’s latest game is a big departure from its previous VR title, Konrad’s Kittens. Placing you inside a virtual farm, Across the Valley tasks you with picking fresh fruit and vegetables, keeping your livestock happy through micro-games and using your profits to expand the farm. Featuring 36 main tasks, it prioritizes hand movements over button learning.

Utilizing a hand-drawn art style, you can watch the previous trailer above and so far, all we've seen from the Portable Edition are screenshots on the Quest Store page. In a prepared statement, FusionPlay CEO Konrad Kunze explains how, “converting the game from PC and PS VR2 to run on the mobile devices was a true challenge."

For more details, here’s the official gameplay description:

Realize the dream of living off the land in a charming virtual reality homestead. Prepare to get those hands dirty watering fields, milking cows, raising adorable baby animals, and even taking the pigs out for a truffle-hunting adventure!

Marry seeds to soil and tend to them with the utmost love and care to yield a bountiful harvest at the end of the season. Sell crops at the market and reinvest profits into expanding the property or improving workflow. Establish an egg empire, develop a piggie province, or dabble in a little of everything before the sun sets on the horizon after a hard day’s work!

Across the Valley reaches the Meta Quest platform today, offering a reduced price of $9.99 "for a limited time." Elsewhere, it's available on PSVR 2 and Steam.

Notice: This article, initially published on March 3, 2023, was updated on February 29, 2024 to reflect the Quest App Lab launch.

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