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Acer Announces Windows VR Headset With HP Reverb Resolution And IPD Adjustment

Acer Announces Windows VR Headset With HP Reverb Resolution And IPD Adjustment

During the company’s annual “next@acer” conference, Acer announced a new Microsoft-based headset with 2K per eye (4K overall) resolution and physical lens separation adjustment.

High Resolution, IPD Adjustment

Called ConceptD OJO, the headset uses dual 2160×2160 LCD panels. That means they might be the same panels used in the HP Reverb. Whereas the Reverb’s lenses are fixed in position, however, Acer’s headset allows you to adjust them for your interpupillary distance (IPD).

conceptd ojo headset

Different people have different distances between their eyeballs. If a headset’s lens separation is too different from your IPD, research indicates some people could experience blur, eyestrain, distortion and it might even make some people feel sick. This could make the ConceptD OJO a welcome alternative to Reverb for users with a narrow or wide IPD.

Audio, Detachability, Inside-Out Tracking

The headset features integrated headphones. Acer describes it as having “built-in sound pipe technology”. We’re not sure whether this refers to a secondary audio system when the headphones are removed. It could simply mean the headphones work without touching the ear.

Like the OJO 500 announced back in August, the ConceptD OJO has a detachable design. The lenses and display can be detached from the unit. This seems to be intended for arcades and enterprise demos where the headset needs to be cleaned regularly for hygiene reasons.

conceptd ojo headset

As with all Windows MR headsets, the ConceptD OJO uses two front facing cameras for “inside-out” positional tracking. These same cameras track LEDs on the controllers. This makes for an easy and portable setup, but controller tracking range is relatively limited.

Pricing, Market

Acer haven’t announced a price yet, but the product is targeted at “creators”, so expect a higher price than the original 1440p fixed IPD Acer headset. It’s not clear yet whether the old headset will be discontinued or kept around as an affordable alternative.

The Reverb is priced at $599, so it’s possible Acer’s headset will be higher given the extra features. We’ll update you whenever Acer provides further information on this exciting new headset.

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