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A Township Tale Tutorial Made Optional, New Accessibility Features On Quest

A Township Tale Tutorial Made Optional, New Accessibility Features On Quest

A new patch for A Township Tale on Oculus Quest addressed some issues, bugs and concerns brought up after the game’s recent launch.

The biggest change comes to the game’s tutorial, which is now optional and can be exited at any time. I tried out the tutorial personally last week and found it to be quite confusing and oddly structured. This change will no doubt be a welcome one for those players who want to dive right into the deep end. Here’s what the developers had to say about the changes to the tutorial on Quest:

We’ve recognized [the tutorial] as the biggest pain point for new players coming to A Township Tale and trying to get into the game. We’ve decided that even if the Tutorial was perfect (which it isn’t), it should still be optional. This lets players of different adaptability start their adventure in the main game’s world whenever they wish. The tutorial can be returned to in the Main Menu at any point if certain details elude players. We still recommend doing the Tutorial, though.

At launch last week, Jamie detailed the ways in which A Township Tale is ambitious, overwhelming and in a spot where we felt we needed more time before giving our verdict in a review. The in-game explanations of tasks were “lacking” and the experience as a whole is very “fiddly [and] physical.” You can read more here.

Accessibility features have also been improved in this patch (which the team felt needed to be addressed given the expanding player base following the Quest release) in the form of adjustable player height. The developers say that ways to access belt docks will be expanded in a future update. Changes have also been made to the nutrition and fullness systems, as well general bug fixes and improvements.

You can read the full list of patch notes here. The update is available now for Quest users, with these changes to mechanics coming to PC VR “in the near future.”

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