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A Chair In A Room: Greenwater Getting Big Overhaul And PSVR Release

A Chair In A Room: Greenwater Getting Big Overhaul And PSVR Release

A Chair in a Room: Greenwater was one of the very first great VR horror games that released back in the middle of 2016 — over two years ago — and still holds up as an excellent example of what’s possible with the power of roomscale VR. The scares are well-paced and the disturbing story slowly unfolds over the course of the entire 2-3 hour journey. I praised it in my review and Wolf & Wood’s follow-up, The Exorcist: Legion VR is just as good (if not better in some ways).

Now, the studio is announcing that they’re returning back to A Chair in a Room: Greenwater with a “remaster” that includes a whole host of enhancements, updates, and changes that are sure to make the game even better.

The full list of enhancements, according to a press release from Wolf & Wood, includes:

Added free move to the locomotion options along with crouch and free rotation to accompany teleport and the original ‘flexible room scale’ locomotion option
Flexible room scale is now available on Oculus so if you have 3 cameras and 2.5m x 2.5m area you can play the whole game at 1:1 scale without additional locomotion required
Improved artwork, updated textures and added post processing
Remastered soundtrack
Improved SFX and a new audio engine
Additional cues and clues to help with guide through the puzzles and story
Huge optimisations for smoother gameplay and faster loading
Added achievements
Cloud saves
Bug fixes and planned post launch support

“We’ve made a huge amount of optimizations which have allowed us to add in new post effects and some higher poly art where we thought it would benefit the scene, for example we completely rebuilt the lodge in chapter 2 to make it just that little bit creepier,” said Ryan Bousfield, Creative Director of Wolf & Wood, in a prepared statement. “The music and audio was a passion project for us, adding live instruments into the mix has brought out a visceral edge to some of the pieces, making the whole scene feel a little more on edge. We are planning to release a mix of the soundtrack as DLC on Steam. We’ve made numerous subtle changes but that’s what Chair is all about, it is the overall feeling that we’ve tried to enhance and I think that’s why we’ve worked on so many aspects of the game, VR immerses all of your senses so we’ve put extra work into how it looks, feels and sounds to make a better experience.”

This remaster will be released as a free update to everyone that already owns the game. Wolf & Wood are also bringing the title to both Oculus Home and PSVR for the first time — with more info to follow soon. The Oculus Home version is expected to be out by Halloween with PSVR to follow in early 2019.

Let us know what you think down in the comments below!

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