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5 Reasons Why Destiny 2 Should Get VR Support

5 Reasons Why Destiny 2 Should Get VR Support

Destiny is, without a doubt, one of the biggest and most popular games this generation. It’s received constant updates and expansions, enjoyed success on PS3 and Xbox 360, as well as on PS4 and Xbox One, and has the legendary pedigree of Bungie, the creators of Halo, putting their full force behind it. But one thing the original game never had is a release on PC. But that could change with the sequel as today via tweet, Bungie confirmed that Destiny 2 is officially happening.

PS4 and Xbox One support are both confirmed and while heavily rumored, a PC release has not been officially verified as happening (or denied) as of yet. Players can also expect to transfer over their character, but not their items or abilities, ensuring this is a true blank slate sequel and not just a glorified expansion pack.

If Destiny 2 does come to PC, or even if it doesn’t, then it should absolutely get VR support. And by VR support we don’t mean a “VR Mode” or a small slice of the game playable in VR, we mean the entire game playable inside the headset whether it be the Rift, Vive, PS VR, or whatever Scorpio’s VR solution may be. Crossing our fingers and holding our breath for VR support in Destiny 2 is a bit of a long-shot, but here’s five reasons why it should still happen.

destiny player crouch

Platform Support

We already know Destiny 2 will be on PS4, meaning it has perfect access to the PlayStation VR (PSVR) headset, which has been proven to be capable of supporting fast-paced shooters, such as Rigs, already. On top of that we’ve seen shooters find success on Rift and Vive as well, so if it does come to PC like expected, those headsets should be able to support the game.

Granted if the entire game is expected to be playable in VR that will likely mean downgrades to the visuals to maintain strong performance, but if the alternative is not having Destiny 2 in VR at all, then it’s a sacrifice worth making.

destiny warlock wallpaper

Compatible Perspective

It’s no secret that some of (if not the absolute) best VR experiences are typically those played from the first-person perspective. Being able to immerse yourself in a game from the point-of-view of your character has immense narrative potential to provide a strong sense of being inside the game world more completely.

Taking advantage of peripherals like the PS Aim or motion controllers like Touch, Vive wands, or PS Move would certainly heighten that feeling of presence even further, but likely would ruin the gameplay experience since there just aren’t enough input points on those types of controllers. In Destiny, characters have lots of abilities and options during combat that far exceed a handful of face buttons. We’d imagine it would work best as a gamepad title on any VR device.

destiny taken king

Immersive Gameplay Possibilities

Right now the VR market is aching for a big game such as Destiny 2 that can really suck people in and deliver them to a massive, articulated world full of possibilities. You’d be able to explore and interact with other players and see vast worlds that put all other VR experiences to shame.

The fast-paced gameplay would be visceral and exciting if experienced inside of an HMD. A lot of work would need to be done to figure out how to resolve the motion sickness issues that may plague some players, but if possible, a shooter of Destiny 2’s caliber could be a huge title for the VR market.

destiny group shot pose

Great Setting

Naturally the sci-fi setting and overarching futuristic premise lend themselves very well to the traditional pop-culture fiction of virtual reality. It doesn’t need to be written into the fiction of the world necessarily, but since everyone has different helmets that their characters wear it’s not like showing your face is ever a concern.

Being able to display certain items on a literal HUD inside your HMD would add to the immersion and perfectly fit the setting, making Destiny 2 feel like a game that was built from the ground up with VR in mind even thought it likely wouldn’t be.

destiny stock wallpaper photo

The System Seller Potential

Needless to say that this could be the big-ticket AAA game that VR has been waiting for. It’s no secret that first-person shooters are the most popular genre that command the most sales and if one of the most ancitipated games in the industry get full VR support, or even exclusive modes and features just for VR headsets, then that will undoubtedly sell more headsets than any number of tech demos and short $5 – $20 games ever could.

Perhaps one of the platform manufacturers could broker an exclusivity arrangement, much like Sony did with Resident Evil 7 on PlayStation VR (PSVR) or perhaps it could bring an unprecedented level of intense, immersive, cross-platform VR multiplayer the likes of which we’ve never seen before.

Destiny 2 doesn’t have a release date yet and we probably won’t know anything else until E3 2017 this June in Los Angeles, CA. So until then, be prepared for lots of tiny reveals, teases, and half announcements just like today.

Would you play Destiny 2 if it were in VR? Let us know in the comments below!

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