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5 Awesome Gear VR Multiplayer Games to Play With Your Friends

5 Awesome Gear VR Multiplayer Games to Play With Your Friends

The only thing better than beating a game is beating your friends at a game. Whether you’re a fan of trash talking or playing it cool, there’s something intangibly satisfying about seeing your name at the top of the ranks. Thankfully, the Gear VR has an increasing number of multiplayer titles for you to show your friends and random strangers that you’re better than them. At least at something.

Of course, not all multiplayer games are about bragging rights. Sometimes you need to rely on those friends or strangers to succeed. Either way, gaming always seems to be more fun when you’re sharing the experience with others.

Here are 5 awesome multiplayer Gear VR games to get you started:

Anshar Wars 2

Controller recommended, but not required

Gear VR is home to a number of space shooters, but even prior to its multiplayer expansion, Anshar Wars 2 was arguably the best available. With the recent multiplayer update, it’s even better. In addition to the single player campaign mode, the new multiplayer update brings fresh environments, multiple match types and even voice chat while you shoot down your opponents.

Steering is as simple as moving your head around the 360 degree environment, so be ready to play while standing or sitting in a swivel chair. You can even adjust the 3D depth of the graphics – another newer addition by the dedicated developers.

Although a controller is not required, you’ll likely benefit from having one. The controls may be simple enough, but you’ll probably be at a disadvantage competing against others if you’re without one. Grab those power-ups, dodge enemy fire, and shoot to kill in what is easily one of the most complete games on the platform.


VR Karts: Sprint

Controller required

Fans of racing games will find very limited options with the current Gear VR offerings. Thankfully, one of those few racing games includes multiplayer matches. VR Karts: Sprint may have received mixed reviews, but it certainly has its strengths and the best part of VR Karts: Sprint is multiplayer.

Reminiscent of the Mario Kart series from Nintendo and other kart racers, VR Karts: Sprint takes place in a cartoonish world of power-ups, weapons, and vibrantly colored courses. This game doesn’t include live voice chat, but it does include a fair number of customization options to select for your kart and driver, and driving in a first-person perspective certainly adds to the VR experience.

The one caveat with multiplayer on VR Karts: Sprint, like many Gear VR games, is that it’s difficult to find a random online match. If you’re hoping to try multiplayer, it’s best to plan a match with at least one other friend.


Oculus Trivia

Controller not required

If you’re looking for something to test your knowledge of random facts, Oculus Trivia has you covered. Compete with up to four other players in this battle of wits and win by correctly selecting the most multiple choice answers in each round of ten questions. You’ll find yourself seated at a table with your competitors. Questions will appear above the table and four possible answers are displayed in front of you. Simply click to select your answer and hope for the best. Oculus Trivia also includes live chat. If you’d prefer not to be heard, you have the ability to mute your microphone as well as the microphones of any of your competitors.

Each player’s score is displayed above their avatar and there are even leaderboards if you decide to get serious. Oculus Trivia currently includes only one environment, but the wide range of questions and live chat easily make up for it. This was also the first proper game launched as part of Oculus’ social SDK features, which include friend lists.


Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Controller not required, local multiplayer recommended

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes takes a different approach to multiplayer. Rather than needing a Gear VR for each player, you’ll only be required to have one to share. It’s a great game for a party with friends.

Only the bomb defuser wearing the Gear VR can actually see the bomb. There a number of different modules on the virtual bomb and the defuser needs to describe them to their teammates. Based on those descriptions, the rest of the team will need to solve the modules using the downloadable manual and guide the defuser through the solution. Try to stay calm and communicate as a team to defuse the bomb before the time runs out and friendships are ruined.

While playing with friends in the same room is likely the ideal scenario, you could theoretically play this over a voice call online or phone call. As long as one person has the Gear VR, friends can get the online manual and work as a team without ever being in the same place.


Minecraft Gear VR Edition

Controller required

One of the Gear VR’s most anticipated games has finally arrived. The Gear VR Edition of Minecraft marks its first release onto any virtual reality platform, and even Oculus CTO John Carmack previously called it “the best thing to come out on Oculus…not just for the Gear VR, but for everything.”

The latest edition supports the Pocket Edition features of Minecraft, including multiplayer. If you’re planning a local game with others, it’s as simple as being on the same network. The Gear VR Edition also allows you to connect to servers and it shouldn’t be long before you’ll see more compatible server options. As you can imagine, this is Minecraft with a first-person perspective. Be sure to jump into the settings and turn on the 3D rendering that defaults to off. Once you start, just tap your touchpad and enter the immersive mode to get the full effect.


Honorable Mentions

If you’re looking for even more multiplayer content for your Gear VR, be sure to check out these games as well.

Herobound Gladiators is a free title that puts you in a battle arena where you’ll work with other players to take down waves of enemies. Upgrade your character, unlock items and prepare for the next wave. Daydream Blue was one of the first multiplayer games for Gear VR. Set up your avatar, check out the relaxing environment, craft random stuff, play mini-games, and do it all while chatting with friends. Lost Cities was originally a card game which transitioned into a board game, and has now evolved  into a Gear VR title. It’s a clever strategy game that’s easy to learn and also includes live chat.


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