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4A Games Pulls Back The Curtain On Its Mysterious Oculus Rift Game

4A Games Pulls Back The Curtain On Its Mysterious Oculus Rift Game

4A games may not be the most widely recognized video game studio but its work speaks for itself. The Ukrainian developer has made a respectable name for itself with the very well received Metro series of games. The Metro games are dark and atmospheric with plot lines, characters, and visuals that are just as good as any other AAA developer working today.

4A’s most recent game, Metro: Last Light, debuted in 2013 to very strong reviews and it currently holds a very impressive 80 on Metacritic. Since Last Light, however, the studio has gone dark (pun intended) leaving many to wonder how it would be planning to follow up such a popular title.

The silence was finally broken on September 15 when 4A updated its Facebook with the following post:

This is what appears to be an incredibly high res close up of a gloved hand holding some type of futuristic weapon. This is when the excited rumblings began but they were transformed into a full on earthquake when Jason Rubin — the founder of Naughty Dog and the current Head of Content for Oculus — linked to that post on Twitter.

But wait! There’s more! Today, 4A posted two more photos to Facebook that provide an even better look at this mysterious new game.

That low whistling sound you might be hearing is the sound of the hype train slowly beginning to pull out of the station. But before we build up too much steam let’s just go over what we know for sure.

Fact 1: 4A games does indeed have at least one new game in active development.

Fact 2: Jason Rubin has confirmed that this new game will be a VR title for the Oculus Rift platform.

Fact 3: The game is at least far enough into development to show off some very pretty assets.

Fact 4: The game uses guns.

Fact 5: Those guns are designed to be more futuristic/fantastic than realistic.

Now that we’ve got those out of the way, its time to put our tinfoil hats on and enter the rampant speculation phase.

The art style on display in these three pictures is a dramatic departure from the gritty, gruesome designs found in the Metro games. That seems to indicate that this mystery VR title will not be an immersive new entry in that series, at least not directly. The sci-fi weapon designs also leads one to believe that the mystery title will fall outside the realm of a hyper-realistic, military shooters like Battlefield.

The images themselves all seem to be following a universal design philosophy as well, which points to an intentionally built world with creatively implemented assets.

In short, all signs are pointing to the one thing this gaming scene has been dying for: a fully realized, AAA style experience developed specifically for VR. The last time we got one of those it became our highest rated game of all time.

UploadVR reached out to Rubin himself for comment. He wasn’t able to share any new details at this time but he did have this to say: “soon…” We are crossing our fingers for a big reveal at Oculus Connect 3 next month.

The hype train is gaining some serious speed folks. All aboard!

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