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Here Are The 12 VR Games Launching Via 'App Lab' On Oculus Quest

Here Are The 12 VR Games Launching Via 'App Lab' On Oculus Quest

Now that non-store distribution options are officially available, we’ve rounded up the 12 VR games that debuted with App Lab on Quest today. Give them a try now!

Here is the full list of all 12 games. Keep in mind that while some of them are free, like the beta version of Ancient Dungeon and several demos, many of them are paid apps. The payment process is handled just like it is in the actual Oculus Quest store.

Ancient Dungeon Beta (Free) by ErThu
Baby Hands ($20) by Chicken Waffle
Crisis VRigade ($6) by Sumalab
Crisis VRigade 2 ($20) by Sumalab
Deisim ($8) by Myron Software
Descent Alps – Demo (Free) by Sutur
Gym Class (Free) by IRL Studios Inc
MarineVerse Cup ($20) by MarineVerse
Puzzling Places – Beta (Free) by Inc
Spark AR Player (Free) by Facebook
Smash Drums Demo (Free) by PotamWorks
Zoe (Free) by apelab

Just click the link and proceed via the landing page as usual. If you’re on mobile, it should open inside the Oculus mobile app. If you’re on a PC, make sure you’re signed into your Facebook/Oculus account via the website before clicking.

For more details on App Lab, check out our announcement article from this morning. As a summary, these apps will now show up in your actual library rather than under “Unknown Apps” and qualify for updates from developers automatically without you needing to sideload anything or plug the headset into a PC at all.

They will not, however, show up in the store or be promoted/marketed within the headset itself. You’ll need to rely on SideQuest, YouTube, websites likes ours, social media, and so on to find out about new App Lab games on Quest. It’s not a perfect solution, but it’s better than it was a day ago.

SideQuest seems committed to working with Facebook to act as an extension and bridge between the indie VR community and the Quest headset, so that’s great news going forward.

Which of these 12 is your favorite App Lab for Quest game so far? Personally, I think I’m partial towards Ancient Dungeon as a big RPG fan myself. Let me know down in the comments below!

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