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Unplugged Launches In October On Oculus Quest, PC To Follow

Unplugged Launches In October On Oculus Quest, PC To Follow

Hand-tracked VR air guitar game, Unplugged, launches very soon on Oculus Quest.

The music title, developed by Anotherway and published by Vertigo Games, hits the standalone headset on October 21. While anyone with an Oculus Quest can play the game, there is a PC VR version coming later this year that is limited to the finger tracking on the Valve Index Controllers and VR headsets with hand-tracking capabilities, so don’t expect to play it on an Oculus Rift or a base HTC Vive.

Unplugged Release Date Confirmed

That’s because Unplugged offers a Guitar Hero-like experience without the need for plastic peripherals. Colored notes stream towards your virtual guitar and you’ll have to match them with the corresponding fingers in the correct position then strum to the beat. You’ll need to master your technique across the game’s career mode, which is mentored by Satchel from eccentric glam rock band, Steel Panther.

Earlier this week we confirmed that Weezer’s Say It Ain’t So and Ozzy Osbourne’s Flying High Again were coming to the game, joining the previously announced The Kids Aren’t Alright by The Offspring. Today, Anotherway and Vertigo also confirmed another six songs for the game. They are:

Bumblefoot – Overloaded
Freak Kitchen – My New Haircut
Louis and The Shakes – On One
Lynch Mob – Wicked Sensation
The Electric Alley – Searching For The Truth
The YeahTones – Lightning

There are still other tracks to be revealed, so make sure to check back next week as we confirm the entire tracklist.

We got our first chance to play Unplugged earlier this week. Though you might doubt that VR hand-tracking is capable of keeping up with an air guitar game we came away pleasantly surprised at how well it worked. The game isn’t a straight-up imitator to Guitar Hero, instead picking more rhythmic tunes that aren’t hugely technical to play along to, and there’s a smart use of bonus features and minigames to mix the experience up.

Unplugged has also been our Upload Access game of the month. We’ve been speaking to producer Marcus Henderson about the project and have more to come. Check out our full line-up below!

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