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No Man's Sky Gets On-Planet Settlements In Frontiers Update

No Man's Sky Gets On-Planet Settlements In Frontiers Update

Another big new update is launching for No Man’s Sky, this time introducing on-planet settlements filled with buildings and NPCs.

When Hello Games’ massive space sim launched years back its planets were often cold and lonely, with the game’s NPCs only congregating on space stations. With the Frontiers Update, Hello Games is adding settlements in which clusters of aliens live. That’s complete with new building types and, interestingly, procedural interiors, meaning the insides of those buildings have been randomly generated much like the planets themselves have. Check out the trailer here.

You will, of course, be able to lead your own settlement and manage everything from town planning to policy decisions. Citizens will get in arguments that you’ll be able to resolve and your town will grow with more resources.

Alongside the settlements comes an overhaul to the game’s base-building system with new UI and parts, yet more visual improvements and the third season of expeditions. Plus there’s a new Twitch campaign coming, offering up rewards for watch other streamers play.

As usual, all of this applies to the VR version of the game, which offers the entire experience to play inside PSVR and PC VR headsets. Back at the beginning of the year, Hello Games updates the game’s PS4 version to take full advantage of PS5 visuals when running on the newer console. Obviously, though, we’re hoping No Man’s Sky will be one of the titles to support the upcoming PS5 VR headset when it arrives.

Are you going to be checking out the No Man’s Sky Frontiers update? Let us know in the comments below!

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