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Update: Beat Saber Teases New Tracks This Week With Kendrick Lamar And LMFAO

Update: Beat Saber Teases New Tracks This Week With Kendrick Lamar And LMFAO

It looks like Beat Saber will soon be getting new tracks this week featuring artists like LMFAO and Kendrick Lamar.

Update: In a public post on his Facebook page, Mark Zuckerberg posted a video playing a (previously released) Beat Saber track and confirmed that a “new Beat Saber music pack [is] dropping this Thursday” in the comments. Original story continues below.

The Oculus Twitter account just posted the below video teasing an ‘Interspace Mixtape’ for the VR hit with the date May 27 shown at the end. As the vinyl cover starts bouncing there’s a tease of Kendrick Lamar’s DNA and, right at the end you can also hear the lyrics to LMFAO’s Party Rock Anthem.

New Beat Saber Tracks Inbound?

Both Kendrick Lamar and LMFAO are part of the Interscope Records label, so it seems likely we’ll be getting more tracks and artists from the company in what looks like a new song pack.

Other artists under Interscope’s umbrella include Lady Gaga, Dr. Dre and Billie Eilish, so there’s a lot of possibilities for some big new tracks to arrive later on this week.

Of course, May 27 might not necessarily be when these tracks are released – they could just be announced then. But it is a Thursday and that’s when new Oculus Quest content is released, so there’s a good chance they’ll drop then. Beat Saber’s last content drop was March’s Official Soundtrack 4, which we thought was a disappointing update. As of February 2021, the game has sold four million copies.

What do you hope to see from the new Beat Saber tracks? Let us know in the comments below!

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