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Zenith: The Last City VR MMO Interview Q&A Video

Zenith: The Last City is an upcoming VR MMORPG in development by Ramen VR slated to release on PC VR headsets, PSVR, Quest, and non-VR PC platforms. We sat down with Andy Tsen, CEO of Ramen VR, to chat about the game and their ambitious ideas.

The video will premiere on our YouTube channel at 3:15PM PT today. You can watch it as it premieres right here down below, or once it’s over you can watch it back just like any other YouTube video.

Zenith: The Last City VR MMORPG—Interview Q&A

For a shorter excerpt from this interview, you can read about Tsen’s commitment to making Zenith: The Last City a truly full-scale MMORPG with all of the features and ideas that come along with that. They’re building it out to be a massive, sprawling world that you can really live in.

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Zenith raised over $280,000 on Kickstarter in late 2019 and are currently aiming to get Zenith out sometime this year. The first closed alpha tests are happening next month for pre-order customers and Kickstarter backers.

Fans of anime like Sword Art Online and .hack//sign as well as popular franchises like The Matrix and Ready Player One have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of a true, full-scale VR MMORPG like this and Ilysia for years. OrbusVR scratches the itch a bit, but is small in scope by comparison.

Let us know what you think of the game and the interview itself down in the comments below! If you’d rather read the interview, check back tomorrow for a full transcript.

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