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Bullet Hell Roguelike Mashup Yuki Launches July 22 For Oculus Quest, PC VR

Bullet Hell Roguelike Mashup Yuki Launches July 22 For Oculus Quest, PC VR

The upcoming VR bullet hell and roguelike mashup Yuki is set to launch July 22 on Oculus Quest and PC VR via Steam.

Pre-orders are available now on the Quest platform, with a 10% discount attached along with 48 hours early access to the game before release as well. ARVORE is the team behind the game — the studio previously released Emmy-winning immersive movie The Line and the Pixel Ripped series.

The concept is not dissimilar to something like Shooty Skies Overdrive — your hand becomes one with a flying object that can also shoot bullets. Here’s a description from the Oculus blog:

In YUKI, you’ll enter a kid’s wild imagination and fly through multi-dimensional worlds by controlling an action figure using your hands. Move your body to dodge bullets and obstacles while fighting evil forces that want to control the universe in this challenging game where each defeat is just another step closer to victory.

So while it does sound similar to Shooty Skies, there’s also some roguelike elements mixed in for good measure. Every attempt and run will give you the opportunity to unlock more weapons and power-ups that you can take into future runs.

In an interview with the Oculus blog, Yuki’s creative direction Kako says that early 80s cartoons and toys were a big inspiration for the game. You can see the influence loud and clear in the latest trailer, embedded above, which obviously draws from those childhood memories and time period to create the game’s aesthetic.

Kako also hints towards future content, stating that they wanted to make a game that could be built on after launch. While there will be lots to do on release, Kako hints that there’s “a lot of new stuff in the making for the future as well.”

You can read the full interview with Kako over on the Oculus Blog. Yuki is available to pre-order on Oculus Quest now for $19.99, releasing July 22. It’s available to wishlist on Steam for a PC VR release on the same date, while a PSVR is expected to arrive later this year.

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