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Watch: The Mandalorian Making-Of Shows Oculus Quest 2 Used In Set Design

A lot of the pioneering virtual techniques used in Disney+’s Star Wars series, The Mandalorian, are well known. But a new video shows how the Oculus Quest 2 was used during production.

You can see Quest 2 in action just after the three minute mark in the video below. In the video, the series’ directors and technical experts gather to talk about the virtual production of the show using its Stagecraft technology which includes its state of the art virtual stage with an LED wall. This allows the crew to edit and visualize scenery on the day of shooting instead of implementing effects via green screen.

Though the use of VR isn’t specifically referred to in the clip, we can see the crew jumping into the set itself using the headset. Based on the menu seen below, it looks like the headset is being used to help frame shots and camera paths ahead of shooting. Being inside VR allows the crew to visualize these sets in 3D without even building out any physical props.

oculus quest 2 mandalorian

Ultimately VR is just one of a number of new tools that contribute to the state of the art production behind The Mandalorian. The series is run by Iron Man director Jon Favreau, who has a lot of experience with VR tech. Favreau also used VR in the production of the ‘live action’ remake of The Lion King, and even produced Gnomes and Goblins, a VR native experience.

Star Wars gaming is no stranger to VR, either. We’ve already seen several titles like Vader Immortal and the upcoming Star Wars Pinball VR.

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