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This Oculus Quest Controller Charging Station Replaces Your Faceplates

This Oculus Quest Controller Charging Station Replaces Your Faceplates

Tired of endlessly switching out batteries in VR? This Oculus Quest controller charging station might have a fix for you.

ONG Innovations revealed this new product over the weekend. As it stands right now, each Quest controller uses a single AA battery, which you’ll often find runs out mid-session. But this Oculus Quest Controller charging station switches out replaceable batteries with its own rechargeable solution, complete with a custom battery faceplate.

When you’re not in VR you simply rest your Touch controllers on a rectangular block, with each controller’s tracking ring and magnets helping to keep the balance. The controllers plug into a charging port to make sure they’re ready for your next play session. ONG’s unique faceplate has space for the charger to connect.

On paper, the concept is sound, but there’s a lot of questions to be answered about this Oculus Quest controller charging station. What would this solution do for weight and battery time, for example? How long will it take to charge? Will it work safely and should you really buy two to make sure you’re not forced to stop playing when the battery goes flat?

In fact, ONG has a few things to work out for itself. The sign-up form for updates on the kit asks how much value potential customers feel the product is worth, for example. For now, we don’t have a release date for the kit, but make sure to keep an eye out if you’re interested.

That takes care of the controllers, but what about the headset itself? Check out the VR Power add-on we saw at CES earlier this month. It adds a battery pack to the back of the Quest, extending its life and acting as a counterweight too.

Would you be interested in picking up this Oculus Quest controller charging station? Let us know in the comments below!

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