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OC4: Facebook Spaces Hits Other Platforms 'Soon', New Features Announced

OC4: Facebook Spaces Hits Other Platforms 'Soon', New Features Announced

Facebook carved out a good amount of time for its Spaces social VR platform at Oculus Connect today, with plenty of new features to talk about.

For starters, users are now able to cut out Facebook pictures for collages, play minigames and even combine elements of various features to make their own kits. More interesting, though, are upcoming collaborative projects with developers. Franklin showcased some early work with Bait! developer Resolution Games, in which players could access a new environment with a fishing mini-game themed after the studio’s game.

On the video side, live 360 streaming is coming to Spaces, meaning you can jump into real-world environments in real-time.

Moving on, Spaces is integrating itself with Quill, the Oculus creation software made by the now-defunct Story Studio. Quillistrations, as they’re called, will allow friends to explore scenes made inside the app, some of which will be full stories you can share with friends.

Franklin also teased that Spaces would also be arriving on “other platforms” soon, hopefully meaning the HTC Vive and PlayStation VR are getting in on the fun.

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