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Unleash Your Virtual Feng Shui With Social VR Platform myVR for Google Cardboard

In virtual reality, transporting players into unique spaces is the foundation of the experience. Developers are able to immerse players into nearly endless possibilities using the medium. Social VR can offer a bit a malleability to the players themselves as they shape these virtual spaces to be a reflection of their personal interests, and this week marked the launch of one of the latest examples of this. Artem Fedyaev and John Gonzalez, creators of the content discovery platform my mywebroom, are tapping the next level of social interaction with their new platform: myVR. In the free program, users can modify the theme, location, music, and furniture to suit their personal preference and even have a virtual pet inhabit the space. “Visit other people’s rooms and check out what they’re into,” promises the app, which is available now on Google Play.

In myVR, the aesthetic isn’t the end-all be-all for your interactions. Each object can be a portal to other facets of your online presence, be it linking to favorite streaming services or connecting to a photography sharing program. Thus, your myVR could serve as hub for all of your digital consumption in ways other social platforms have only aspired to be.

“Interest in virtual reality is at an all-time high and many users are poised to try VR for the first time in the coming months,” said Artem Fedyaev, CEO of myWebRoom and creator of myVR, in a press release. “With the current roster of VR experiences heavily focused on gaming and 360-degree videos, myVR will provide a different, more social, experience to a mainstream audience. On myVR, there is something for everyone.”

The application is planned for GearVR and iOS in the coming weeks. Right now, users can choose from 5 pre-set rooms and full customization options will be available after the first update. Through mywebroom, players can also manipulate their social VR spaces via a desktop application.

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