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Lonn Is An Impressive Physics-Based Cyberpunk VR Adventure Mixing Boneworks, Low-Fi And Espire

Lonn Is An Impressive Physics-Based Cyberpunk VR Adventure Mixing Boneworks, Low-Fi And Espire

Sometimes VR games seem to appear as if from thin air and stun you with their impressive trailers. Lonn is very much one of those games.

This new cyberpunk adventure game from Australia-based SixSense Studios has been stepping out of the shadows over the past few weeks. There’s already an impressive announcement trailer below, but Six Sense also just released a massive nine-minute gameplay video for the experience. Take a look at that below too.

In short, Lonn looks like it mixes the physics of Boneworks, the style of Low-Fi and the agency of Espire 1 all into one package. You take on the role of the titular character, a former bounty hunter that takes the fight to an evil mega-corporation after discovering their plans.

As you can see from the gameplay video, Lonn mixes an assortment of physics-based puzzles and travel with sword combat. Like Boneworks, many items in the game seem to have a physical presence; wooden palettes tumble over as trains drive past and wooden barriers crumble to pieces when enemy drones burst through them.

You can even use a pair of special gloves to pick up objects via telekinesis (ironically, the game was originally announced a day before Half-Life: Alyx revealed the same feature).

The world, meanwhile, is a dreary cyberpunk metropolis that takes clear inspiration from sci-fi epics like Blade Runner. Combat, meanwhile, sees players deflecting incoming fire with their sword, grabbing and destroying drones with telekinesis and, in close-quarters, a bit of stabbing too.

Much like Boneworks and Half-Life: Alyx, then, Lonn seems like a game built upon the learnings of past titles. Release headsets haven’t been announced for the game yet (though it looks like PC VR is a good bet) and we don’t have a launch window. We’ll keep you up-to-date with the latest on the game, though.

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