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Green Hell VR Delayed To 2022 On Both PC And Quest, Coop Confirmed

Green Hell VR Delayed To 2022 On Both PC And Quest, Coop Confirmed

Both the PC VR and Oculus Quest versions of Green Hell VR have been delayed until next year.

Both editions of the game are scheduled to launch in Q1 2022. Previously we had expected the PC VR version to launch first this year and the Quest edition to follow before the end of 2021, but developer Incuvo clarified both versions will now arrive at the same time.

“Production of Green Hell VR is right on schedule, but we’ve decided to test and polish the mechanics even further,” the developer wrote in a tweet announcing the delay. “Our team is very passionate about this project, and we all want you to have the best experience possible once Green Hell VR appears on Oculus and SteamVR.”

Later on, the message confirms that the game will be getting a coop mode too. This, however, will be arriving in an update after the game’s first released. There’s no details on how many players this version might support, nor if cross-play will be enabled at this point.

Green Hell VR is an adaptation of the original survival game from Creepy Jar. Players find themselves stranded in a jungle and must fight to survive, gathering resources and fending off threats. Incuvo is aiming to implement full motion control support into the experience, making for what will hopefully be a native VR title. Possible support for PSVR is yet to be announced.

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