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GTA-Style VR Game 'GangV Civil Battle Royale' Coming This Year To PC VR

GTA-Style VR Game 'GangV Civil Battle Royale' Coming This Year To PC VR

Raptor Lab, the creators of War Dust and Stand Out: VR Battle Royale are back again with another in-progress big-battle PC VR game titled GangV Civil Battle Royale, but this time it takes place in a modern city setting similar to Grand Theft Auto. GangV will also support non-VR players.

GangV, other than being a VR battle royale game (50 total players, plus NPCs on a large 64 square kilometers map) with tons of vehicles and weapons to choose from across a sprawling open city, is actually pretty unique. The clever concept here is that you’re not battling other players on an open, empty map. Instead, the city is bustling and full of NPCs just like in Grand Theft Auto.

Your objective is to be the last player standing, but the game itself plays out like a big gang war across a metropolis. The footage provided on the Steam page mentions that some viable tactics include trying to blend into traffic while driving to “hide” yourself and reaching out the window to shoot at people chasing you while a friend drives the car.

There is a law enforcement system built into the game as well. So if you rob a gas station looking for cash to try and get better gear, the cops might get called on you. But if you rob a police station or military base, prepare for SWAT or the actual military itself to try and hunt you down.

GangV sounds and looks really ambitious and impressive, so I’m eager to see how it pans out. Their two most popular previous games, Stand Out and War Dust, really did a good job of nailing the sense of scale for big-battle games despite feeling a bit janky, but maybe adding non-VR support to GangV means they can hit a wider audience and get more revenue to keep working on the game for longer and making it even better.

Check out the Steam page for more details. GangV Civil Battle Royale doesn’t have a release date, but it’s currently in alpha testing for PC VR with support for Rift, Vive, Index, and Windows MR. Early Access should start soon on Steam, where it will stay for “2-3 years” according to the developers. Within two months after Early Access launch, they’re planning to add deep modding support as well.

You can check the game’s Discord channel for more details.

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