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Cook Brains And Serve Fried Fingers In VR Cooking Sim Horror Bar

Cook Brains And Serve Fried Fingers In VR Cooking Sim Horror Bar

We’ve flipped countless burgers and diced hundreds of onions in VR already, but Horror Bar’s menu is a little different.

Set to release this Halloween in Early Access, Horror Bar is mechanically similar to Cook-Out or pretty much any other Overcooked-inspired VR game. You need to frantically juggle orders, preparing ingredients to the clock to satisfy customers. But, as the name suggests, Horror Bar has a pretty grim twist, making you serve brain burgers, fried fingers and more to satisfy a horde of hungry zombies.

Take a look at the trailer above – we’re pretty in love with this idea. On top of grossly greasy brains, you’ll also mix drinks with blood and even reach your hand into a putrid tank to fetch exotic fish that then need to be killed before being cooked up. It’s a brilliantly gruesome scenario that we’re hoping plays to VR’s more uncomfortable side.

The game’s developed by VR Factory, which previously released Bartender VR Simulator. You could say the team was drawing on its expertise here, then.

Horror Bar is coming to Steam on October 30th for $19.90. The Early Access version will include most of the key features along with a story mode that the team says lasts four to five hours. Going forward, though, there are plans to add more levels in hopes of releasing the title in full in the next four to six months. No word yet on possible PSVR and Oculus Quest versions, but we’ll keep you posted.

Will you be checking out Horror Bar? Let us know in the comments below!

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