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A Township Tale Dev Wants PSVR Version

Alta, the developer behind the popular online VR game, A Township Tale, wants to see the game come to PSVR.

The team’s Boramy Unn said as much in a recent interview with MCV. “We would love to release A Township Tale on PSVR and other VR platforms/storefronts,” the developer said.

Township released on Quest 1 and 2 last month, so a PSVR version certainly seems plausible. We’d definitely like to see the online RPG come to the upcoming PS5 VR headset, where it could take advantage of the console’s improved horsepower, too.

Unn also revealed that Alta wants to raise between $1.5 million to $3 million to release a fully finished version of A Township Tale. Since the project started in 2016 (and first released in 2018), Alta has been constantly adding new features and content to the game. It’s not yet clear what a ‘finished’ version of A Township Tale would look like, though.

We’re still working on our review of A Township Tale (trust me, it’s still coming). The game sees players start out discovering the ruins of an old town and then slowly restoring it to life by gathering resources and crafting better gear. With eight-player co-op and physics-driven gameplay, it’s one of VR’s most ambitious titles today. On Quest the game now has over 2,000 user reviews. The experience costs $9.99 on the standalone headset but is free to play on PC. The former version comes with in-game currency equal to that of the price you paid, though.

Would you like to see A Township Tale come to PSVR? Let us know in the comments below!

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