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VRML Hosting Zombieland VR Tournament With $10K Prize Pool

VRML Hosting Zombieland VR Tournament With $10K Prize Pool

VR Master League (VRML) is hosting a Zombieland VR esports tournament with over $10,000 in cash prizes up for grabs.

The Zombieland VR Invitational will take place on October 2, with qualifying rounds open to the public over the next few weeks. Anyone who owns Zomebieland VR is able to enter in the qualifiers and compete for a place in the invitational.

zombieland vr vrml tournament poster

The four qualifier events will take place over the following days, with the following event codes:

– September 18 (9am PST – 9pm PST): 1111

– September 19 (9am PST – 9pm PST): 1112

– September 25 (9am PST – 9pm PST): 1113

– September 26 (9am PST – 9pm PST):1114

In any of those four periods, players can join the qualifier through the Zombieland VR game itself. Players will have to pause the game, head to the options menu and select gameplay. Then click the next button two times and select ‘Enter event code.’

After entering the corresponding event code that day (eg 1111 for September 18), you will then have until 9pm PST to set the highest score on the crossplay leaderboard, which will be displayed here. This is different from the in-game leaderboard, which only displays the scores for your headset platform of choice.

The highest scoring player from each qualifier event will advance into the invitational. However, VRML notes that anyone who makes it through to the invitational will have to be able to live stream their POV during the event, otherwise the next eligible player from the qualifiers will be picked.

The Zombieland Invitational runs on October 2 and will feature all four players from the qualifiers competing against each other, accompanied by expert esports commentary and streamed live on the VRML Twitch channel.

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