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Ven VR Adventure Releases August 12 For Oculus Quest

Ven VR Adventure Releases August 12 For Oculus Quest

Ven VR Adventure is coming to Oculus Quest on August 12.

The game is now listed on the Oculus Store for Quest with a release date for next week, August 12.

Ven VR Adventure released late last year for PC VR via the Oculus Store for Rift, with the promise of a Steam PC VR release in 2021 as well as Quest and PSVR ports as well. We’ve had no word on the PSVR version, but the game did land on Steam earlier in the year. Now it’s finally set to arrive on Quest.

Developers Monologic Games released footage of Ven running on a Quest 2 a few months ago in May, showcasing some impressive dynamic shadows in a short 11-second clip. At that point, the game was supposedly ready for QA on Quest and was just waiting for “final approval” from Oculus. We got some more Quest footage in June, and an update to say that Ven was now undergoing certification for Quest. A final, longer gameplay trailer for the Quest version was recently released, embedded above.

The Quest version of the game should be quite similar in content to the original PC VR version from last year, which we found to be enjoyable overall:

Ven doesn’t have the intimate connection of Moss nor the constant innovation of Astro Bot, but it stands its ground as a rock-solid platformer that serves up a rewarding, if occasionally unbalanced challenge … While I can’t help wishing Monologic had done more to justify why its familiar foundations had to be in a headset, I’d be lying if I didn’t say I found its taxing campaign a moreish treat. This is a tightly contested genre, but there’s a place on the podium for Ven… once you kick off Lucky’s Tale.

For more info, you can read our full review of the PC VR release here.

Ven VR Adventure will be available on Oculus Quest from August 12.

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