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New Unplugged Gameplay Reveals Offspring Track, Fall Launch For Quest, SteamVR

New Unplugged Gameplay Reveals Offspring Track, Fall Launch For Quest, SteamVR

As part of the UploadVR Showcase, a new trailer for hand tracking guitar game Unplugged showed some new gameplay and revealed its scheduled for release later this year in Fall.

Plus, we got confirmation of the first track from the game’s soundtrack — ‘The Kids Aren’t Alright’ by The Offspring.

Unplugged, developed by Anotherway and published by Vertigo Games, is a guitar rhythm game that lets you rock out in front of a crowd similar to classics like Guitar Hero and Rock Band. Unlike those games however, Unplugged uses hand tracking for input on Quest and other supported VR headsets. As Anotherway co-founder Ricardo Acosta says in the trailer, this means that there’s “no plastic guitar, no gloves, nothing… just you rocking hard.”

Since it was first announced, Vertigo Games jumped on board in partnership with Anotherway and music game legend Marcus Henderson joined the team. Henderson was the lead guitarist on the Guitar Hero series and Acosta says bringing him on and partnering with Vertigo has allowed the team to think much bigger with Unplugged. Since then, they’ve found “the game kind of exploded” and Henderson’s experience and passion has “taken [it] to another level.”

Acosta says the team has made great progress recently and has added new modes, power-ups, crowd interactions and minigames (one of which appears briefly in the trailer, showing the player adjusting the tuning pegs mid-song).  The trailer also reveals the first song of the Unplugged tracklist — The Kids Aren’t Alright’ by The Offspring — but Acosta hints at maybe a few more big names to come, saying there’s some bands in the soundtrack that the team has always loved.

Unplugged will be available this fall on Oculus Quest and on Steam for hand-tracking supported PC VR headsets.

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