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Boost VC looking to make bets in to VR startups


Industries thrive when creative individuals take risks. Doing things nobody has done, experimenting in directions nobody has gone, and seeing the world differently than anyone has before them. This is the life of an entrepreneur.

Well, mostly.

Although insanely creative, and huge risk takers, it actually so happens that entrepreneurs can’t do anything without eating. Just like other mortals, trailblazers need food and shelter to survive.

This is where investors come in. Investors like Boost VC.

Boost VC was started by Adam Draper and Brayton Williams in 2012, with the focused mission of investing in emerging technology startups that would change the world. To date they have invested in over 100 companies, including rocket, bitcoin, and 3D printing startups that are working to shape the world of tomorrow.



Now Boost VC is investing in virtual reality and augmented reality companies.

Let me explain exactly how this works.

1. You apply to Boost VC with your VR/AR startup or project.

2. Boost VC interviews you, and if accepted, you get anywhere from $10,000 to $25,000.

3. Boost VC provides you with housing in Silicon Valley for three months, office space, and mentors from the VR/AR world.

4. After the three month program you are put on stage in front of hundreds of investors.

5. You go on to create a massively successful company (or, as is always possible, you fail).

Some of the mentors you get to work with if accepted to Boost VC include Jens Christenson (CEO of JauntVR), Meron Gribetz (CEO of Meta), and Blake Commagere (CEO of MediaSpike).

Companies that have gone through Boost VC have raised a combined tens of millions of dollars. There is no reason that you can not become a part of this and build out your own dream.

How to get investment from Boost VC.

If you are working on a virtual reality or augmented reality company (or project), and interested in growing it, you can apply to Boost VC here (the deadline is July 1st, 2015).

Better yet, if you want to ask Adam Draper, the managing director of Boost VC a question, go to ZapChain and ask him one here. He is answering questions all day on June 8th, 2015.


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