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Sam & Max: This Time It's Virtual Releases July 8

We now have a release date for one of the year’s most anticipated VR games – Sam & Max: This Time It’s Virtual releases July 8 for Oculus Quest.

The game will be available on Oculus Quest next month for $29.99, with a PC VR release on Steam and Viveport to follow at a yet-unannounced date later this year. A PSVR release will follow even later, in early 2022.

We first heard some teases of a new Max & Sam VR game in August last year, at the opening event of Gamescom. Since then, we’ve had a wealth of updates. Most recently, the game featured in our UploadVR Summer Showcase with footage of an early section of the game, where one the characters is voiced by the series’ creator, Steve Purcell. He voices Duncan B. Dills, creator of the Aquabears funtime park, who features in the gameplay from the showcase, embedded below.

We’ve also had a chance to try out the first hour of the game and gave some impressions on four things we love about it. For those who want a quick summary, its the humor, pacing, presence and variety that we enjoyed, but felt it could still use a bit of polish overall. Jamie listed as examples things like weightless objects and character models popping and clipping into places they shouldn’t. Fingers crossed some of those issues are resolved for the final release or in an update to the game.

Sam & Max: This Time It’s Virtual is available to wishlist on the Oculus Store now, set for release on July 8.

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