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Rhythm 'N Bullets Definitive Edition Available Now For PSVR

Rhythm 'N Bullets Definitive Edition Available Now For PSVR

Rhythm ‘n Bullets Definitive Edition is now available on PSVR, after releasing on PC VR in late 2020 and Quest earlier this year.

The game is a VR rhythm game that, as the name implies, merges music and bullets.

According to Blake Gross from studio DB Creations, the team was “inspired by classic retro shooters with its wireframe aesthetic, bullet color change mechanic, and music infused gameplay” and wanted to “recapture the magic of those arcade games that many of us played when we were younger, while making an awesome and immersive experience for the latest generation of VR technology.”

Here’s a description of the game from Gross himself, taken from the PlayStation blog:

In the game, you will travel across the virtual zone and defend the core by guiding a pair of starfighters through multiple modes of shoot ’em up action. Enemies fly in from all sides, diving towards the core in time with the music. Time your shots to the beat for maximum effect, and grab awesome power-ups to clear each stage. 

There’s multiple game modes as well, including a “multi-level” campaign, a leaderboard-based endless mode and a customizable relax mode (where you can spawn any enemies and change the music) for practicing or just hanging out.

All of the game’s music was made in-house, by composer and audio director Jesse Holt, and the levels were built in tandem with the music, for a better sense of integration between the two. The music will also dynamically alter itself depending on how you’re playing — swelling when you’re performing a combo, for example, and vice versa.

The PSVR ‘Definitive Edition’ release includes a new challenge system, full localization for several languages and a new level theme. You can read more over on the PlayStation Blog.

Rhythm ‘n Bullets is available for PSVR now, alongside PC VR on Steam and the Oculus Store and on Quest via App Lab.

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