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Peco Peco Adds 25 New Puzzles And Goes 50% Off For 5 Days

Peco Peco Adds 25 New Puzzles And Goes 50% Off For 5 Days

Peco Peco added a new series of themed puzzles this week, alongside a 50% off promotion when your purchase the game through VR Collection.

The new puzzles come as part of an update that adds a whole new series to the game, called In The Attic. As you might guess from the title, this series of puzzles is focused around antiques, family heirlooms… anything you might find in the attic. According to developer Julien Dorra, some of the puzzle objects include a penny-farthing bicycle, a gramophone, a super-sized pocket watch, a Soviet film projector, a retro camera and many more.

peco peco oculus quest in the attic

Peco Peco is available for Oculus Quest through App Lab, now with 66 puzzles included in the game. To celebrate the update, it’s also available at half price through VR Collection (as a standalone app, no bundle purchase required) until September 13. To take advantage of the discount, head over to the VR Collection site here where the game is available for $5, half off its normal price. The VR Collection site will give you a product key, which you can redeem in the Oculus mobile app or online after purchase.

Earlier this year, we sat down with Peco Peco developer and design lead Julien Dorra in our virtual studio. We spoke about about the ins and outs of designing a puzzle game on Quest, developing with a small indie team and the process of applying to get Peco Peco on App Lab. You can watch the full video or read a transcription of the interview here.

Peco Peco is available on App Lab for Oculus Quest now, with a 50% discount until September 13 when purchased through the VR Collection site.

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