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Oculus PC App Bug Prevents Installs, Facebook Rolling Out Fix

Oculus PC App Bug Prevents Installs, Facebook Rolling Out Fix

Facebook confirmed that a bug was preventing some users from installing the Oculus PC app to their computers yesterday.

Reports from users online started to indicate that issue was impacting people trying to use Oculus services, particularly those attempting to install the Oculus PC app. UploadVR received reports from users experiencing troubles, which many believed to be a server outage, while others online also confirmed that they were also having trouble. Popular outage tracker Downdetector, which uses crowd-sourced information to track outages, showed high reports of issues yesterday, August 3.

One user who supposedly contacted Oculus Support was told by a representative that there was an issue with installing the Oculus PC app at the moment.

UploadVR reached out to Facebook. The company explained that there was a bug associated with the installation of the Oculus PC software specifically. Facebook said yesterday evening that the fix should be available shortly:

There was an issue that occurred when users uninstalled the Oculus PC app and attempted to reinstall it. We’ve now fixed this bug and the fix is in the process of rolling out today. After this lands, users should be able to try again and reinstall the Oculus PC app as normal.

The Oculus PC app is a requirement for any Oculus user who wants to experience PC VR content using an Oculus Rift S or Oculus Quest headset (even if through another platform such as Steam). While Quest users have the option to enjoy standalone content on their headset without a PC, Oculus Rift S users need their headset to be plugged into the computer while in use, with the Oculus app open at all times.

Some users online are already indicating that the outage has been fixed for them, but this might vary depending on the user. If you are still experiencing trouble with installing the Oculus PC app, let us know in the comments or send us an email at


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