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Q: Which VR headset is the best? Which VR headset should I buy? What’s the difference?

A: Good question – the answer depends on what you’re looking for. Check out our Beginner’s Guide to VR and our Best VR Headset guide.

Q: Should I get Quest 2 or PlayStation VR? What’s the difference?

A: PSVR and Quest 2 are two very different headsets. Read what we think in PSVR vs Oculus Quest 2.

Q: I want to get into VR, but I find all the terms confusing and I don’t understand half of what people say. What’s a guardian? What tracking type do I need? What’s an FOV?

A: The best place to start, and to clarify all of those things, is our Beginner’s Guide to VR.

Q: What’s the best VR game of all time?

A: Well, that’s very subjective but our list of the best VR games across all platforms might help give you a better idea.

Q: I’ve already got a headset, but I don’t know which games I should play and which ones I can play on my headset?

A: We’ve got platform-specific best-of lists as well – check out the best Quest and Quest 2 games, best SteamVR games, best PSVR games and best Rift games.

Q: Something is wrong with my headset, and I’m not sure what. Can you help?

A: We’re trying to expand our articles with basic troubleshooting advice. So far, we’ve got an article on basic troubleshooting for Oculus Quest and an article on how to connect your PSVR headset to PS5 and PS4 consoles. Check back for more soon.

Q: I just got a Quest headset. Where should I start?

We’ve got a list of the best free Quest games and experiences, along with a list of the 25 best games for Quest and Quest 2.

Q: I own a Quest and a gaming PC, how do I play PC VR games? What’s Oculus Link?

A: Check out our guide on how to play PC VR content on Quest 2 using a VR-ready PC and USB-C cable.

Q: What is sideloading? What’s SideQuest? What about App Lab?

Sideloading and App Lab are both different ways to install content for your Quest that is not available on the Oculus Store. A lot of this content will sometimes still be in development or not quite as polished as store releases.

You can read all about SideQuest here, and then move onto our guides on how to sideload and how to install App Lab content.