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Larcenauts Update Brings New Specialist, Map, Payload Mode On September 30

Larcenauts Update Brings New Specialist, Map, Payload Mode On September 30

A free content update coming at the end of September will bring a new Specialist and a brand new map and a new Payload game mode to competitive VR team shooter, Larcenauts.

Developers Impulse Gear didn’t give too many details away just yet, teasing more info to come. Here’s what they had to say:

Coming at the end of September as a free content update, The Zarius Heist will bring an all-new Specialist into the fray, a brand-new map, a new payload objective mode and more. Additional details about the new character, map, private lobbies, and new game mode will be made available soon.

The new Payload objective mode will be the game’s fourth mode, joining the deathmatch, Refuel (zone control) and Uplink (capture the flag) modes that were available at launch.

The announcement coincides with a one-day promotion on the Oculus store that will run tomorrow, Saturday 18 September, and bring the price down 10% for prospective Larcernauts players looking to get in on the action before the update drops in around two weeks.

It’s been three months since Larcenauts launched and since then Impulse Gear has pushed a few updates that adds some quality of life changes that addressed some players’ concerns, such as the addition of manual reload and increased control options. The Zarius Heist will be the first content update of this size since launch, adding more than just minor changes and bug fixes.

The game is available on both Oculus Quest and PC VR platforms, with cross-play support and lobbies so that you can play with your friends and experience the lowest possible queue times, no matter where you’re playing.

Larcenauts will be on sale at 10% off on Oculus platforms for one day tomorrow and The Zarius Heist update will be available September 30. Until then, you can catch up on our full review of Larcenauts here.

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